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Case studies

Some case studies which you may recognize:

  • You are considering a restructuring within the group. During the search for a suitable Corporate Finance advisor, you discover that your current HR department does not have the knowledge or capacity to manage the necessary restructuring.

This is an example of a problematic situation with which Tailor Made Consultancy can provide you with broad assistance. Tailor Made Recruitment can place an interim (HR) specialist in your organization in the area of restructuring. At the same time – together with you - the Corporate Finance specialists of LVH Coporate Financeare consulted and involved in analyzing your issues. In this way, you are not faced with unpleasant surprises (on the way) and retain the focus on other important matters. The benefit to you: efficient, tight coordination and cost savings;

  • Your business is under family ownership and the joint financiers have brought the business under Financial Restructuring & Recovery / Special Management. This is in relation to acute liquidation issues. The crisis situation is caused by long-term significant negative results in recent years and has taken the business into insolvency. Your most important objective: the continuity of the business activities and the avoidance of liquidity problems in order to prevent bankruptcy.

An interim manager can be placed by Tailor Made Recruitment, who will focus on a new MT in order to regain the confidence of the financiers.Thereafter, on the one hand he should professionalize the finance department and on the other hand robustly carry out the reorganization together with the managing director. All with a good eye for emotion and rationality. This does not happen without legal consequences (redundancies, arrangements with creditors etc.). Your interim manager has access to the specialist knowledge of Kneppelhout en Korthals Advocaten, so that the desired steps can be taken quickly The benefit to you: operational interim management on the work floor and legal back-up at competitive rates or a fixed price agreed in advance.

  • You are considering doing a takeover. The company to be taken over consists of a lot of intellectual property. These are the most difficult assets to value. Unfortunately, your finance director (FD) does not have enough knowledge to handle the problem.

Tailor Made Consultancy can help your organization by placing an interim manager alongside your FD, without him suffering a loss of face. Together you can decide, for example, to sell the intellectual property or making it available to an external party under license. It may also be interesting to move the intellectual property within the group, in order to make optimal use of the different (international) tax regimes. In these sorts of situations it is important to know what the value of the intellectual property is or what a reasonable compensation is for the user rights. The “Registered Valuators” of DVC International can support the management in determining the value of these, often unique, intellectual properties and their user rights. The benefit to you: multifunctional flexibility which offers practical and valuable solutions for your problems.

We can think of countless numerous examples of Special Support and interim recruitment. Use the links to our partners (DVC International, LVH Corporate Finance, Kneppelhout & Korthals) to take a look at which areas of expertise can be offered in order to bring together the necessary combination(s).