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Supervisory Board

Independent supervision of and support for the directors and management is essential. A Supervisory Board or Oversight Board is not ‘compulsory’ for a normal BV, but you are allowed to establish a Supervisory Board should you wish. This is set out in the Dutch Civil Code (Book 2, articles 140 and 250). A Supervisory Board is mandatory for a large public company.

A lot is happening in the world of Corporate Governance. There are a number of requirements coming out of the applicable Corporate Governance codes and the resulting regulations that are much more explicit and complex. This requires independent individuals in your Supervisory Board or Oversight Board, who can take a look at different issues from a practical and “open-minded” perspective. Professionalism and responsibility are expected in numerous situations, such as in financial, legal or sector-specific areas.

The partners in Tailor Made Consultancy have very extensive knowledge and experience with questions of Governance. The wide network of Tailor Made Consultancy is available to your organization, should you want to move towards establishing, expanding or replacing your Supervisory Board. The services related to a Supervisory Board or Oversight Board can be distinguished as follows:

  • Search and selection of commissioners and supervisors
  • Advice on Governance in connection with Governance issues in the broadest sense of the word, such as the implementation of the Governance Code, setting up rules, evaluation of the Supervisory Board etc.

Depending on the approach chosen, after the intake further tailoring takes place. By means of a careful process management, were have been able to successfully complete several assignments including:

  • Member of the Supervisory Board for a subsidiary of an American parent company
  • Advising on the profile for a new Oversight Board after a successful recovery of a production company
  • Chairman of Oversight Board of a trading company
  • Setting up Supervisory Board rules as a result of the establishment of a new Supervisory Board for a listed company.

CFO UCC Europe: Capable of making adequate and relevant detailed analysis of candidates, eg by getting a thorough understanding on what is driving candidates into a new career move and on which improvement areas they can develop on.