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Special Support

Before commencing and during the interim assignment in your organization, complex situations can arise which require additional support. We understand that it is difficult for you use different service providers for different issues. The consequence is that, as a result of, amongst others, miscommunication, activities are not coordinated and the desired result takes much longer to achieve. Besides, the costs increase significantly in a short space of time. Very frustrating for you as an entrepreneur.

The solution, however, is at your fingertips! Through a clear analysis of the current situation and by simultaneously initiating proposals for practical solutions in relation to, for example, (incidental) legal advice, refinancing, reorganizations and valuation support, many frustrations (and unnecessary costs) can be avoided.

As previously stated, Tailor Made Consultancy does not offer people, but a process. Finding the right people is explicitly a people business. Click on the links below for an overview of all our partners that can support our interim manager:

Group FD Hi-Tech Sports: Entrepreneurial business partner, with good insights in people and business. Developed experiences and qualifications in several roles and businesses, these help them to think out of the box. With his new business model Erik will be of true asset to every (SME & corporate) company that needs independent (full service) support.